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No fun for two workers after suffering injury on the job

The accident and injury news feeds have been abuzz with developing stories this week, particularly concerning the unfortunate injuries of two workers.

More injuries make the news over past seven days

It seems that there’s no dearth of injuries making the news over the last seven days, with two personal injury compensation cases this week making waves.

Personal injury at work leads HSE to prosecute two firms

The Health and Safety Executive kicked into high gear this week, prosecuting two separate firms for their roles in the injuries of their employees.

Injuries don’t just happen to drivers and car passengers

It’s not just car drivers or their passengers that have to worry about sustaining injuries in road traffic accidents, as this week’s news stories show.

Slips, trips, and falls dominate the accident claims sector

This past week, it seems that there’s nothing but news of slips, trips, and falls plaguing Brits both at home and abroad when it comes to sustaining injuries.

Local authority dragged over coals by work accident claims

The big story this week is how one local authority has been paying out more than £1.2 million in personal injury compensation to its staff over the past five years.

Don’t eat the muffins if you don’t want to have to make an injury claim

The past week has definitely been one for the record books, considering how one poor woman ended up having her holiday ruined – and her health seriously threatened – by a single chocolate muffin.

Slips and trips are the name of the game

While last few weeks have been all about the Health and Safety Executive taking issue with unsafe working conditions causing personal injury at work, the past seven days has been packed with news about slips and trips.

Work accidents bring HSE knocking at businesses’ doors

It’s always bad for workers and employers alike whenever there’s a work accident claim made, but as bad as employees have to suffer, businesses suffer just as bad once the Health and Safety Executive gets involved – it usually means weighty fines on top of any personal injury compensation payments.

Medical negligence and motorcycle accidents a-plenty

Not that we’re trying to make you fret, but if you’ve either been riding a motorbike or going to the local surgery lately, you should know that it’s been a bad week indeed for people suffering from medical negligence or having to make motorcycle accident claims.